Best Practices
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Digital Advertising That Gets Results

There are endless opportunities to connect with your customer online. However, knowing what formula to use is an art and is grounded in data.  XPND Interactives uses an omni-channel strategy that has proven to get real results for the industries we work with. Our proven system allows us to find your ideal customer fast and activate them to engage with your business.  

Health & Wellness

XPND Interactive is passionate about the health and wellness industry and we understand the behavior of the consumer to target them with very little waste in your advertising spend. Whether you are selling a service or product, we know how to market to your potential buyer.

  • Improve your messaging that appeals to Google and your potential customer
  • Activate your customer through clearly defined funnel strategies
  • Create an experience that drives conversions


The battle for the consumers attention today for online commerce is the highest it has ever been, and our system allows you to not only convert more of the customers you get to your site, we guide and consult on how to increase your overall profit.

  • Building a strong funnel strategy through improved landing page optimization 
  • Develop strategies to increase profitability
  • Focusing on your AOV, CPA and ROAS is key to our growth strategies


We have over 20 years combined experience in the automotive industry.  From selling cars directly on the floor, to running an internet department to marketing and driving leads for tier one & two is our specialty.

  • End to end marketing strategies that include CRM integration
  • Dealer-control system that directly activates ad campaigns to optimal conversions
  • Automation of ads for used vehicles on your lots


Starting a new company and establishing your brands message to the right consumer can be overwhelming.  Our system through clean pixel integration and data analysis allows us to launch your business online to drive your future growth.

  • Defining your ideal customer and markets
  • Using data driven strategies to establish the right messaging 
  • Understand your customer and what ads work best for optimal results.

Lead Acquisition

Understanding the journey of your customer is imperative to ensure conversions.  We understand the marketing funnel and how your website must be set up for optimal results.

  • Impact your business by bring qualified leads to your business
  • Understanding the journey 
  • Create and use tools that convert at all levels of the funnel

What others say
about XPND Interactive

  • XPND has been instrumental in helping us with lead generation, as well as providing a better understanding of our audience. We’re thrilled with their level of commitment and expertise. If you’re looking for a results-driven agency, you’ve found it!

    -Dr. Jerry DarmOwner | Aesthetic Medicine

  • When I look at the numbers since XPND began working with us, our Shopify business has grown by 883% in revenue in just three quarters. They've helped us grow from low five figures a month in online sales to over six!

    -Tera HendersonOwner | Ford + Wyatt

  • Since we started working with XPND Interactive, we’ve experienced lead growth month after month. Not only have they helped equip us with the tools to track these valuable leads, but they have also provided us with more channels in which to grow our business. We highly recommend their services!

    -Randy SebastianOwner | Renaissance Homes

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