Lead Acquisition

Lead Acquisition

XPND Interactive knows how to drive leads to your business.

Acquiring Lead Acquisitions

Acquiring Lead Acquisitions is the most important process for connecting you with potentially interested customers, then converting them into buyers for your business. If you don’t know who’s interested then you can’t even begin to market. Understanding the funnel is one of the most important pieces of driving leads to your business. Our system allows us to track the behaviors and actions on your website, which then provides us the ability to market to those customers at the right time with a message that is relevant to them.


Our proven system is designed to track your ideal customers, attract them through compelling message development, and activate them to engage with a strong call-to-action program.


When it comes to growing your business with more leads, it’s critical to understand the market you serve and how consumers behave.

In addition, we assess your needs, define goals, and set measurable solutions to ensure we meet and exceed your business goals.


In order to increase your leads and decrease the cost of those leads, our program connects at all levels of the marketing funnel. From awareness to consideration, to conversion, our system helps you evaluate the performance of your website and creates relevancy at each stage of the funnel. We offer SEO, and Digital Advertising on all platforms, as well as landing page strategies.


We are experts in driving leads to your business.  We have seen with some industries an increase of 100% growth while reducing the spend 20-30%. We provide on-going consulting around your website activation and provide you with details reporting on what channel is performing and how we plan to improve the performance to grow your business.  

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