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Marketing your start-up business the right way from the start

Starting a business is difficult in itself, but then to know how to market to grow it is another.  We have helps hundreds of startup business launch the right way and help them understand their audiences quickly and track them for future success.

Guide to marketing right

Depending on what industry you serve, starting your marketing program the right way is a critical piece to driving your future success for the business.  Our program helps you understand the friction points on your website and our tools provides you with the data to understand your best converting audience.

  • Integration of tracking tools to increase your ability to targeting your ideal customer
  • Omni-Channel marketing strategies to connect with your audience all stages of the funnel
  • Turn prospects into buying customers of your business
Identify your target market

We have seen in the years that we have been marketing in the digital space that so many companies skip over truly understanding their customer base.  We have seen so many look at them with a generic eye. 

Depending on your services and industry, it is very important to have the tools to track and understand your ideal customers and segment that in a way that you can give them the right massage in order to convert them into a paying customer.  Now you can go and spend thousands of dollars on research firms to do this or you can use our data pooling system that give you real information of the audiences coming to your website.

We are able to identify your ideal customer quickly, which allows you to grow your business quickly.




We help by doing a full analysis of your business and the market you serve.   At that point, we integrate our software and programs to ensure your business is set up for success.

From there, we look at the best strategy to grow your business through a result-based marketing program to grow your business against the objectives we have set up.


We are Google Analytics certified and do a deep dive analysis of your business through this platform.  We review the traffic sources, we set up your goals and all tracking codes for the campaigns we are running, so you know what works and what areas can be improved.

Tracking is our number one priority when it comes to digital marketing.  If you do not know what channel is working, then you are marketing in the dark.  With XPND Interactive the guess work is taken out.



Not only do we provide a strategy on how to business your business in the market, we integrate our tools to track the audience at all levels of the funnel.  We activate with UTM codes in all our advertising campaigns, so you know what working.

If you don’t have any creative for your advertising we can help, as well as, managing all the levels of the campaigns in Facebook/Instagram, Connected TV, Online Display, Google and SEO.  If you need help with CRM integration, we can help.  Consider us as your one-stop digital advertising shop.



Business Growth

You can’t grow your business, if you don’t know your customer and why they will want your services.  Our integrated marketing program is what will increase your business month over month and year over year.

Our strategies are impactful and proven.  If you are just starting your business or been around for a few years and are now ready to market and find your ideal customer, reach out to us and we can help you grow.



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