3 Areas Of Focus To Grow Your eCommerce Business

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When marketing your eCommerce business, there are several areas that have to be carefully considered. Companies that take the time to be relentless about these areas have a higher chance of being successful. Here are three key things you should focus on for marketing your eCommerce business the right way.

Omni-Channel Traffic Mix

Over years of marketing eCommerce websites, our statistics show that there is more to marketing than just advertising on Facebook or Google. Traffic from these sources are important, but an traffic mix spread across all screen sizes, sites and apps should be your overall goal. Creating a unified message across multiple marketing channels has been shown to increase campaign conversion rates and lower a website’s CPA. This is important for new brands as it creates layers of validity that provides shoppers a sense of ease in their decision making process second only to social proof.

Website Conversion Rate

Bringing in the right traffic means your conversion rates will increase. In short, you will see more of the people who are visitors “converted” over to buyers. An eCommerce business that is serious about its marketing efforts will be looking at its conversion rate every day, in an effort to see whether its marketing efforts are bringing in the right sort of people.

If the right traffic is coming to your site but the conversion rate doesn’t change much, that indicates there is something else wrong with the website. You need to know that so you can fix it, but you won’t know that if you aren’t looking at the conversion rate frequently. That rate is a highly important metric, and one of the things you need to be relentless about.

Average Order Value

You may have a website that is beautifully built and you may be getting quality traffic and a good conversion rate — but do you know your average order value? Typically, three out of every five people who visit your website will never come back to it again. Because of that, you want to get all the money you can from them the first time they visit.

If your order value is generally very low, you may find that your eCommerce business isn’t making enough money despite your other marketing efforts. Finding ways to raise the value of your average customer’s order can make a big difference for your business’ bottom line.

Being relentless in these three areas of marketing, along with having a site that is visually strong and well-thought-out, should give your eCommerce business what it needs. If you find that you’re still not having a lot of success, looking at the usability and functionality of the site would be the next step.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we will talk about ways