Programmatic Display Advertising

Programmatic Display Advertising

Targeted Display Advertising That Focuses On Conversion

Programmatic Display Advertising

Utilizing a combination of enhanced display ads and advanced targeting technologies, XPND Interactive will build you an optimized Programmatic Display Advertising campaign focused on website conversions and not just impressions.


Our marketing platform provides us the technology to target your perfect customer programmatically using several of today’s most effective advertising tactics such as:


 Instead of the old standard static display ads that most agencies still use, XPND Interactive has the technology available to create rich media ads that allow your intended audience to interact with them, providing higher averages across the board in regards to measurable KPIs such as CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate and CPA. Examples of our Rich Media Ads are.


Hyper targeting with programmatic advertising delivers more than just impressions. If your ad isn’t served to the right person at the right time or in the right place, those impressions are useless. With programmatic advertising, we use the latest technology and data mining techniques to gain behavioral insights that allow us to reach the right audience during specific times of the day, on the right devices.


Using 1st party data, 3rd party data or a combination of the two, XPND Interactive will build out a multitude of custom audiences based on demographic data, location/proximity, interests, online behaviors, offline behaviors, and interactions with your own website. These audiences allow us to build targeted campaigns with laser-focused messages intended to coax potential clients or shoppers through your conversion funnel.


Our location-based targeting abilities allow us to not only GeoFence where people currently are and reach them with a hyper-relevant message, but also build an audience to reach individuals based on where they have been. Whether you a fitness brand looking to acquire Gym Rats, a car dealership looking to retarget people who have been on your lot, or a dentist looking to target your competitors’ customers we have the ability to reach the customer you want to talk to the most.


Through Native Advertising, XPND Interactive is able to inject paid ads that match the look, feel, and function of the website in which they appear. This style of ad is used by our team to offer information aimed at solving a problem or to humanize a brand creating trust and awareness.


Whether it’s a Cell Phone, Desktop, Connected TV, Tablet, Laptop, or SmartWatch, the average person uses 5 different screens a day when interacting with the digital world. Our programmatic display capabilities provide our clients a true omnichannel marketing strategy. This affords them the ability to reach an audience across all device types with consistent and unified messaging as well as combine display with streaming audio, video pre-roll, Connected TV / OTT, and Push Notifications.  

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