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Whether you just launched your brand, have been around for a while and your growth has hit a plateau, or you are just ready for a change, XPND Interactive is the right agency for you. We are experts in eCommerce and data and know-how to attract the right audience with the right message at the right time allowing us to lower your CPA.


As experts in eCommerce marketing, we will provide and implement a custom marketing strategy personalized for your brand that will help you build awareness, drive customer loyalty, and increase your store/brand’s online sales. We specialize in Shopify for our clients as this brings them an easy to work with solution in which we can fine-tune it.

Structure Your Site to Convert

Your conversion rate is an important metric to watch closely. If you are struggling to increase your overall conversion rate, our system is your answer.

Shopping Feed Optimization

Your products are the life and blood of your business. Our expertise in feed management and pixel integration gets your product in front of your customer at the right time to increase your conversions.

Activate your customer at all levels of the funnel

Our system targets your key customer at all levels of the funnel in order to keep your customer active and ready to buy.



Google Shopping / Facebook Catalogs / Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Product feeds make it easier for you to present your brand name and your products in multiple sales channels. Product Comparison Search Engines are an often overlooked sales channel. Guess what? They also speak .xml.

Product feeds are the technical document that tells Comparison Search Engines all the details about your product. Therefore, your XML feed needs to be accurate and detailed.

If a customer is browsing and is looking at your product next to a competitor’s, it pays to have as much information on the show as possible. This in-depth information may be all that’s needed to convince the customer to buy with you over your competitor.

Product feeds provide you with increased traffic, brand recognition, and sales from customers that are ready to buy your goods or services.

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