OTT Connected TV Advertising

Reach your perfect audience for pennies on the traditional media dollar.

OTT / Connected TV: The Future Now of Digital Marketing

The industry has shifted, the cord is being cut at the fastest rate ever and the adoption rate of using streaming services to watch content on smart or smart enabled TVs is officially above 50% in US households.  Contact XPND Interactive today to learn more about out how our digital media buyers can help you spread your businesses message to the right people at the right time for pennies on the traditional media dollar.

Add Connected TV to Your Programmatic Playbook

Just as technology has enhanced the way that people consume TV it too has enhanced the way you are able to reach audiences with your spots. CTV / OTT marries all of the advantages of programmatic media buying to traditional TV advertising.

  • Quick launch times : Already have a spot in the can? Our CTV/OTT campaigns to be up and running in as little as three hours. 
  • Audience based targeting : Use segmented website, CRM and (or) third party data to reach your most valuable audiences on every screen.
  • Non-Skippable inentory : Unlike traditional TV boxes with DVR built in our inventory is 100% non-skippable
  • Better measurement : Track the impact of your CTV campaigns with digital and traditional metrics including conversions.
  • Smarter retargeting : Re-engage viewers within households across streaming devices, computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Premium inventory : XPND Interactive has marketplace deals in line with all of the major streaming services such as Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Philo, AT&T and Fubo TV as well as Full Episode Video On Demand placement for almost every cable channel.
What is Connected TV / OTT and how does it work?

Connected TV / OTT is the viewing of programming through digital streaming either through the use of a Smart TV or a device connected to a regular TV that makes it "Smart" (such as a Chromecast, ROKU, Fire Stick or AppleTV). 

OTT viewship is growing fast and with 25.3 Million cord cutters and 44.3 cord nevers estimated by the ned of 2020. The majority - 52% - of cord cutters say they don't miss anything about their old Cable or Satellite TV.

Conntected TV is also a great option for businesses looking to market their products or services on television without the same barriers of entry or costs. Roku found 73% of streamers watch  non-skippable ad-supported video on demand, and 45% view more ad-supported video than any other source, It also found that many viewers don't mind the ads, since they know they're getting good value. 

Where Are Connected TV Ads Shown?

First-Party Data

We can take your CRM data and segment it based on different criterea allowing us to targed individuals in your database with the right message at the right time.

Third-Party Data

Build the perfect audience by layering interests with age,  gender, income, household, and purchase intent information.

Media Matching
We target your audience based off of your traditional media buy allowing you to reach the base you have been missing since they cut the cord.
Target audiences on television by address. A great complament for any direct mail campaign. 

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